2018 Bowl for Kids Sake

This Henry Morrison bowling a strike at the 2016 BFKS event!
This Henry Morrison bowling a strike at the 2016 BFKS event!

Morrison's Rollers

Hello All,

I have been fortunate to have been involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters in the past and am again; currently in a new capacity. In my hometown of Fort Wayne, IN I was a big for four years until moving away and today I am on the board for the Upstate SC chapter. I’d like to take a moment to tell you about my experience in the hope that it will shed some light on what amazing work this organization does across the country (and also why you should support it’s continued success).

My experience as a big

Mentoring a little can include anything from working on homework after school, to going to a baseball game, to playing a board game. I mentored a little between the ages of 11-15. He was Hispanic, had a learning disability and lived in a part of town I had never been to. In my experience the relationship starts out a little awkward, forced and even difficult but after six months or so of hanging out once a week, I knew my little’s entire family well. I knew what classes he was strong in and which he needed to focus on. I even learned about his social troubles with classmates (particularly girls). I was fully submersed in my little’s life and my little knew me well too. He knew my family, my friends, what I did for a living and what I liked to do for fun. In the beginning I never would have thought it possible, but in a short time we were actually friends. That’s how I realized the significance of what Big Brothers Big Sisters does all across the country. This organization is in the business of putting people together from different worlds to create friendships and broaden horizons for both the little and the big.

My new role with BBBS:

Given my past experience, I knew I wanted to get involved with BBBS again but due to my family expansion (2 new little ones under 4-years old) I can’t commit the time to mentoring a little. As such, today I am functioning as a board member for Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Upstate. I appreciate this new opportunity and hope to be able to support BBBS’s continued success.

How can you help:

The Bowl For Kids’ Sake is a nationally facilitated fundraiser for Big Brothers Big Sisters. This is one of two annual fundraisers, each of which is extremely important in order for the BBBS of the Upstate chapter to exist. The best part about the Bowl For Kids’ Sake event is that costs are covered in advance and incredibly low so all donations go directly to the local chapter. Many of you probably in a similar situation as myself, you want to be charitable and involved in your community, but life gets in the way. Well donating to a good cause where you know your money will have the impact you’re hoping for may be the best fit for you. My commitment is to raise $1,000 for this year’s event so please help me do that with any contribution you can offer. Many hands make light work so please don’t disregard this request because you think a small amount won’t be impactful – all amounts are appreciated.

Thank you sincerely,

John Morrison

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